Tuesday, October 11, 2011

xChange @ The Den

Until now I have never been to ivy while there is still daylight, turns out it has a completely different feel to it, I barely recognised the place and I like it! 

The whole place was elegant, relaxed and friendly like the way I remembered it from its earlier days. Scantily clad girls and loud mouthed boys are nowhere to been seen at the ivy bar, instead I found a much more sophisticated crowd chilling around the courtyard and the bar.

The Den plays host to the fortnightly Tuesday night forum called xChange at ivy, where women get together to discuss various topics; keynote presentations, panel discussions and interactive workshops are all part of the fun. To kick off the summer forums, tonight's topic was Great Sexpectations, with sexpert and author of 'What Men Want in bed' Bettina Arndt as the guest speaker.

As Bettina went on talking about things such as sex in a relationship, why sex matters so much to men and pornography, women in the room, myself included, often nodded in agreement. A few highlights from the night were Bettina's comments around men and sex:

Men will spend 20 minutes looking for a golf ball on the golf course but not the G spot...

To be able to last longer in bed, the point of no return is the moment men need to learn to control...

Erotica is like a feather and pornography is like a whole chicken, and men need whole chickens.... 

So what did I think of a night spent with a room full of women talking about sex, drinking Chandon and cocktails while snacking on delicious canapés courtesy of Sailor’s Thai? 

Why didn't I join the forum earlier?! 

It's such a great place to go and relax after work, get talking and have a friendly debate. The forum is an excellent conversation starter and with the topics changing each week, you'll always have the chance to discover something new and interesting to talk about. It is a girls night out not to be missed! 

That being said, I did spy a few men in the crowd tonight, so by all means boys, if you feel up to it, come and join the conversation, we won't bite!

The Den: Level 2, ivy, 330 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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