Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bizarre Bazaar

A friend of mine was in town this week and we arranged to meet up on Thursday night to catch up. I couldn't quite decide where to take her, there are so many interesting places I wanted to show her, but in the end I decided that we would head to Small Bar for a drink first. 

Who would have known this decision led to the discover of Bizarre Bazaar, a twilight fashion market, and my new favourite piece of jewellery, the Goddess ring from Lotus Mendes by Victoria Cheatham. 

I love discovering new places and those that I stumble upon are usually the best. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found this gem. 

Run by A Serious of Fortunate Events, Bizarre Bazaar brings fashion to Sydney laneways and showcases up-and-coming clothing and jewellery designers the city has to offer.

After our drink we wondered down the laneway, browsing from stall to stall, with music drifting from Small Bar's balcony, where a DJ was busy spinning groovy tunes for the evening, it was a late night shopping experience I'd love to repeat again and again. The atmosphere was relaxed, no bright lights like inside shopping centres, nor was there any pushy sales staff wanting you to try a new product; it was just us, stalls of beautiful clothing, gorgeous jewellery and their talented designers. 

Can't wait till the next event!

Bizarre Bazaar: Sussex Lane Erskine Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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