Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marquee Sydney

Projection stage with LED DJ booth
While I'm usually out and about after work, finding me in a nightclub mid week would be pretty rare, but I could not pass on the opportunity to attend the preview evening of Marquee ahead of its official launch this weekend. If what I saw last night was any indication of what's to come, then Marquee will be THE hottest club this year. 

The 30 foot projection stage with an LED DJ booth in the Main Room literally wow'ed me. The sight was impressive. I shall find my way back here one weekend and give one of the two dance floors a good wear. 

A little further into the venue is The Boom Box, it boosts its own DJ, reserved seating and an outdoor patio area. Head to the bar and take in its cool design with a touch of industrial feel and a bright sign will point you towards The Library, the third room in the club. It offers a more relaxed lounge experience, with books on the wall and a working fireplace. 

Want to be pampered and be treated like an VIP? You need not look further. Book a table for your night out and you'll be looked after by your very own cocktail server and waitstaff who will do their best to fulfil your every need. I think I'm going to need a better paying job to support my love of partying it up in the VIP area. 

At the back of the club is a chill-out area with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline, the white unisex bathroom lounge is spacious and bright, eyedrops and hairspray are on hand if the need should ever arise. 

Sharing the same operator as clubs of the same name in New York and Las Vegas has to be a major bonus. Given Tao Group's massive network and relationship with some of the top artists in music, it won't be long till we see some big names come our way.

Marquee opens its door this weekend, while invites to the private launch party on Friday night featuring Afrojack are hard to come by, I'm still hoping for mine to magically appear in my mailbox; you can breath easier for the official opening night on Saturday with in the DJ booth, tickets are on the door.

Could the hype due to its novelty? Well, that's a question only time can answer. So in the mean time, boys and girls, dress to impress and check out what is destined to be the hottest clubbing venue in town.

Marquee Sydney: The Star, Pirrama Road harbourside entrance, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

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