Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mutti Pasta Bar @ Salt Meats Cheese launch

I think I fell in love with Italian food ever since the first time I tried it and nowadays, pasta is my go to comfort food. It doesn't matter how tough a day has been, a big bowl of delicious pasta, especially with a tomato based sauce, seems to lower my stress level right down. So when I received an invite from the lovely Sarah at Thrive PR for a pasta bar launch last week, I couldn't wait to say yes.

the Bloody Mutti
Upon arrival, guests were greeted with drinks, including Bloody Mutti, a special version of the Bloody Mary made just for the night, served in a Mutti can. While canap├ęs from Chef Massimo Mele circled the massive space that is Salt Meats Cheese (SMC), we also got to watch a live demonstration of mozzarella making from Stefano De Blasi (one of the owners of SMC), followed by Chef Massimo Mele serving up some great pasta, and of course not to forget the delicious freshly made pizza from a giant pizza oven. 

Mr Francesco Mutti, a 4th generation Mutti and the current owner and CEO of the company, was on hand to talk about his family brand, their love for tomatoes, and what makes them the most loved tomato brand in Italy.

Mr Mutti talking about his family brand
Based on a tradition of taste and innovation since 1899, Mutti focuses on quality and integrity in their production process. Today, sustainability is at the heart of their business model and all Mutti products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives, colours, artificial flavouring or thickening agents. It is also noted that to capture the freshness of the just harvested tomato, attention is given through out the whole chain, from seeds selection in January to harvest in August to rigorous quality control and checks before the tomatoes are turned into the Mutti products we see on the shelves. 

It was formally announced on the night that a Mutti Pasta Bar will open for business at SMC early next year, and since it's a partnership between Salt Meats Cheese, Sydney's fastest growing gourmet retail outlet, and Mutti, Italy's number one tomato brand, I think it's going to be a pretty special pasta bar. 

If only there is a fast forward button... but in the mean time I suppose it's make your own at home.

Mutti, taste of Italian harvested tomatoes

Mutti tomato products available in Australia include: 'Polpa' Finely Chopped Tomatoes, Baby Roma Tomatoes, Passata, Double Concentrated Paste, Pizza Sauce and a selection of ready made sauces.

Coming soon: Mutti Pasta Bar Salt Meats Cheese: 41 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

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