Friday, March 30, 2012

Hudson Meats

Hudson Meats, Surry Hills' local butcher has been expanding its wings across town over the past few years, adding stores in Cammeray, Lane Cove and most recently, Mosman.

Jonathan talking about the whole Suffolk Lamb
I was among one of the lucky winners of a Google Places contest to attended a Talk & Taste evening at Hudson Meats. We were treated to a butchery demonstration of how a whole Suffolk Lamb is broken down into different cuts!

It was quite a sight to see a whole lamb on the table and watching our lovely Irish butcher Jonathan and star apprentice Diana, expertly cutting into the lamb and breaking it into more recognisable pieces was strangely fascinating. 

Ever wondered why dry-aged beef dishes in restaurants are always so expensive? Well, I finally found out the reason behind it. It is not only because of the quality of the meat, but the fact that 20% of the meat is lost during the 6 weeks long dry-aging process.

What I also found out during the evening is that Hudson Meats follows the Paddock to Plate philosophy and specialises in sourcing regional produce and often work directly with the farmers. Two thumbs up right there.

The best tip from the evening? How to make the perfect roast. It's always better to cook the meat for longer over lower temperature than the other way around; and always, always rest your meat, that is, once the oven is turned off, ajar the pot lid open with a wooden spoon while the oven cools, this will give you a moist, tender roast.

Hudson Meats Surry Hills store
Co-owner Jeff suggested that when shopping at Hudson Meats, be prepared to ask questions, but also get ready to answer questions at the same time. The more they know about what you are planning or want to do with the meat the better they can help you.

A team of passionate butchers who love to teach their customers all about the food they are buying and would happily take on any challenge thrown their way, this is just the kind of stuff that makes you want to call Hudson Meats your local butcher even if you don't live close by. If only we had more butchers of this calibre...

Hudson Meats: 410 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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  1. Lovely write up Tracy. I agree, I was very impressed by Diana and Jeff.