Friday, February 3, 2012

Societé Food & Wine Bar

I was rather disappointed with the way the chef served spaghetti, but I did find Societé Food & Wine Bar to be a great place to relax whether you are there for food or drinks. The vibe is casual and friendly, you can enjoy the fresh air and leafy outlook from the alfresco dinning area or get comfortable in the glass room while appreciating the artworks on the wall.

Cheese Platter
Specials are written on the blackboard, along with an all day breakfast menu, but if you want to get serious with food or wine, ask the staff for a full menu. There is a good selection of dishes, including sharing plates and tapas. Matching wines are also suggested for some of the dishes. 

The Cheese Platter is probably one of the best I've seen, great presentation and a good selection of cheese too: Mature Cheddar - Vintage, Old Telegraph Road - Triple Cream White and Sapphire Blue, Yarra Valley - Black Savarine Goats Cheese. Our bottle of Riverstones 2009 Shiraz went down nicely and complimented the cheese quite well.

For dinner we ordered from the specials. My friend had the grilled salmon, which was served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. It looked pretty good and I was told it tasted good too. I had the Spaghetti Bolognese as I have been craving for it for the past two weeks. Unfortunately it turned out to be such a let down. For whatever reason, the chef decided to serve the spaghetti in 2cm pieces instead of in its original long strands. 

The disappointing Spaghetti Bolognese
I'm still not too sure what to make of it. I have seen people cutting up their spaghetti at the table and never understood why, perhaps with the exception when children are involved. For me, something was lost in the cut up pieces, not being able to twirl my fork to wrap the spaghetti around it felt strange. The whole dish lost its appeal very quickly.

Despite the spaghetti disappointment I would still go back, I quite enjoyed the few hours I spent there chatting and drinking wine. And if spaghetti should pop up as a special again, I will be sure to remember to ask the chef to serve it uncut.

Societé Food & Wine Bar: Shop 1, 9-15 Danks Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017  Societe Food & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

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