Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sushi Suma

A favourite among the locals, Sushi Suma is one of the places that consistently serves up good food. I have not been disappointed once over my numerous visits.  

Once seated, you'll find a little complimentary appetiser on your table, a small dish of cold vermicelli salad with carrot and cucumber, very refreshing. The serving size, aside from the entrĂ©es, are quite big here so unless you are starving, I suggest pacing yourself when ordering, I've learned it the hard way.

I always like to try different dishes on return visits, but I've found myself ordering sashimi and agedashi tofu every single time without fail. The sashimi here is superbly fresh, and the lightly battered, deep fried silken tofu is just delicious. 

The new dish this time is the Sashimi Salad, a very healthy dish I may add. Fresh salmon, tuna and king fish sashimi sat atop a mountain of cabbage, carrots and seaweed, you'll also find slices of cucumber in the mix, whole cherry tomatoes and a side of mayo rounded up the giant sized dish.

Whether you are after tempura, udon, teriyaki or like myself, fresh sashimi, Sushi Suma will cater for it and all at a reasonable price. 

Sushi Suma: 425 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010  Sushi Suma on Urbanspoon

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