Saturday, September 17, 2011

Extreme Cabaret @ Zeta

Want to experience the sexy mystique of the 19th century underground and be entertained by live and extreme and somewhat freaky circus acts? If your answer is yes, then grab your friends and head to Zeta Bar.

On Friday nights, for a limited time, this chic party venue is transformed into a colourful, weird but wonderful space where patrons can enjoy prohibition-inspired cocktails created by Grant Collins, the ringmaster of cocktails; nibble on some delectable alcoholic treats and be entertained by juggling dwarfs, snake charmers, contortionist and burlesque performers.

Rather eat than drink your cocktail? Then try the Extreme Imbibe (gin, absinth, pressed citrus juices, poison bottle imbibe of absinth, fizz powder and injection of champagne) which is served smoking on a platter.

Need entertainment between the live acts? Why not start your own tea party? The Smoking Prohibition Ice Tea (vodka, gin, light rum, cointreau, citrus juice, coke) is served in an antique tea set with a side of screwdriver marmalade.

My favourite cocktail for the night would have to be the Zeta Moonshine (spiced rum, bison grass infused vodka, honey, cointreau, free pressed lemon & apple juice), it is served smoking into a beer bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag.

So think Moulin Rouge meets Underbelly, this is one lurid fantasy world that is sexy and devilish, it will be an unforgetable Friday night out on the town.

Zeta Bar: Level 4, 488 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000  Zeta Bar on Urbanspoon

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