Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Haha On The Harbour @ Cargo

I have no idea why going out on a school night requires more justification. Maybe it's because of the possibility of a late night and then having to get up early for work the next day. For as long as I can remember, it always has to be a worthy event before I'd head out after work on a week night.

Last night's stand-up comedy night at Cargo Lounge was one such worthy event.  

Upon arrival, we were directed to our table (pre-booking is recommended). The hostess walked us through how things worked during the night, for example, there is a drink order form that you can peg to your table number during the show and the lovely hostess would come and fetch it, saving you a trip to the bar. 

The lounge menu contains a long list of cocktails and food designed for sharing. If you fancy a steak or burger from the bar menu downstairs, flag down the hostess and she'll bring you the menu and take your order at your table. If you like cocktails, I recommend getting one of the punch bowls to share. We had the Gin Tie Punch (pink grapefruit and orange juice with Aviation gin, the Italian aperitif and Mandarin Brandy). It was delicious with subtle hints of vanilla and citrus, not to mention the ridiculously big glass it was served in.

There is also a pre-booked show & dinner deal for $30 (show only is $15) where you can order your food in advance and save you the debate on what to eat on the night. 

We were lucky enough to enjoy a special guest appearance from Russell Howard, who is in town to perform in the comedy festival, Just For Laughs, at the Sydney Opera House this weekend. 

For almost 2 hours we were entertained by 4 comedians, I laughed so hard my stomach muscles started to hurt towards the end. If you want to participate (i.e. be made fun of) make sure you ask for a table at the front when making your booking. The crowd was a good mix of male and female; groups of friends, work colleagues, couples on dates and friends supporting their comedian friends. 

So if you fancy a good laugh on a Tuesday night, do what we did, head down to Cargo on King Street Wharf for their Haha On The Harbour live stand-up comedy night in the Lounge (upstairs). The lineup changes weekly.

Cargo Bar/Lounge: 52-60 The Promenade, King Street Wharf, NSW 2000  Cargo Bar / Lounge on Urbanspoon

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